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The first question most people ask when considering a wedding photographer is about the price. Being a bugdet-minded person myself, I completely understand the inclination to try to save money wherever you can. I have a few thoughts about this as both a photographer and a recent bride myself. Here goes:

  • Your wedding photos are the only thing (besides your rings) that you get to enjoy for more than one day. This fact alone should tell you that photography deserves some serious consideration.
  • A good photographer will bring out the beauty in your day regardless of the details. I believe in capturing the love and commitment that brought you to say “I do” in the first place.
  • My wedding dress has not seen the light of day since my wedding. I can pretty much bet that yours won’t either. I don’t have meals catered or eat wedding cake everyday. My flowers withered eventually. But I DO get to look at my wedding photos every single day.
  • How much would you pay someone to replace lost wedding photos? Why not invest in them up front and remove the risk of settling for less?

Because your wedding photos are heirlooms to be passed down, I believe they should be treated with respect in an album. There is no better way to show them off and to store them than with a beautiful album that keeps them safe and tells your wedding day story. I always include your digital images as well but a beautiful album is the ultimate expression of your wedding. Besides, what would happen if someday you happened to get a teeny scratch on that disc? I offer a variety of options for your wedding day but I always include a disc of images, a second photographer and a COMPLIMENTARY engagement session. The engagement session allows us to get to know each other. I don’t just want to be the hired help, I want to be an integral part of your wedding. I want to be your friend.

Thank you for reading!


WEDDING COVERAGE begins at 2995*

*CA Sales tax will be added to all services and packages.

A non-refundable retainer of 1200 is due at the signing of the contract to save your wedding date.

(Prices subject to change without notice.)