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My aesthetic is about clean lines and TONS of color. Color makes my beautiful world go round!  If you want photos of your whole family in matching white shirts and jeans, I may not be the photographer for you. If you want something modern and creative with style and personality, I’m the girl you’ve been looking for! Let’s talk!

To me, photography is art and I am super passionate about turning your life into an amazing work of art for you to be proud of. You live a fabulous and unique life. Flaunt it!

I consider my photography style to be contemporary. I’m not a photojournalist. I’m not a member of the old school. I don’t sit on the sidelines or offer up stiff, overly-posed photos but I DO take the time to get to know you and think outside the box to bring out the absolute best version of you. I want my photos to scream your name and I will work my magic to not only make you feel comfortable and genuine in front of my camera, but I’ll arrange you so you look as amazing as you possibly can in the process. Basically, I let you be you and I only step in to make you look even better! My approach is to build the perfect photo from the ground up. Much like a painting, each session begins with an idea. Before the shoot I send you a questionnaire so I can get to know you before we even meet. We start planning by choosing an incredible location that means something to you and seek out the time of day when the light is just perfect. From here I will use a variety of techniques and ideas to bring out your personality and tell a little story. You’ll laugh at me while I roll around in the dirt to get that perfect shot and together we’ll have a blast! Let’s make some beautiful pictures together!