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Our Honeymoon – Cannery Row & Monterey Bay Aquarium

We loved Carmel so much, we had a hard time leaving, even just for the day but Monterey was so close, it couldn’tView full post »

Our Honeymoon – The Carmel Mission

Whew!  We came home from our honeymoon just in time for me to start school and get super busy all over again.  I havenView full post »

Our Honeymoon – Carmel

I’m gonna skip ahead and take all this wedding business out of order and share some fun from our honeymoon! Can IView full post »

Our Story – The Beginning

Just 12 days ago I married the most wonderful man on the face of this beautiful earth!  I have so much to share withView full post »

T-Minus One Week!

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!  In less than one week I will finally be saying “I do” to the man of my dreams.  He’sView full post »

Press Printed Books

I’m so excited to finally start telling you about the products I offer!  I’ve spent quite a bit of timeView full post »

Introducing the newest member of my family…

Nope, not the baby in the maternity pictures.  That little bundle of joy is about to be a part of their family, but I&#View full post »

Best Friends Ever. EVER!

If you’ve been following my blog even a little bit, you’ve probably noticed how crazy life is right nowView full post »

Mourning the Untimely Death of my Wedding Shoes

I had a bit  a ton of anxiety about wedding dress shopping.  I’m not a twig, not a size 2 (or 3 or 4 even 10View full post »

Blog Sugar is 2 SWEET!

Remember THIS fabulous event I told you about last February?  Well, we had such an amazing night at that first eventView full post »

Oh Happy Day

School’s out!  Branden’s graduation was such an amazing day.  I already told you how proud I am of him soView full post »


2010 is a HUGE year in the Winter/Munding/Schultz household.  Not only are we running around like headless chickensView full post »

Three for the Show

I’m a huge sucker for the Orange County Fair.  Every summer I spend way too much money and eat way too much friedView full post »

Number 23

I’m officially a good sister again.  I finally made it to one of my little brother’s baseball games thisView full post »

Something Special for Mom

Hey Friends!  I just wanted to take a minute to let you all know that in honor of all the wonderful mothers out there IView full post »

Huntington Gardens

Last weekend was packed full to the brim but I enjoyed every single moment of it.  On Saturday a group of us spent someView full post »