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Pablo Nerudo’s Sonnet XVII inspired Boudoir Session featuring Summer

I’ve often been asked what my favorite subject for photography is and it always comes down to boudoir.  I love all of it.  I love the transformation from my gorgeous clients walking in as a blank canvas and watching our hair and makeup team transform them in a way that brings out the incredible beauty that was already there.  I love the one on one time.  It’s just me and my model for the day and occasionally an assistant or something…but mostly just me and my girl.  I love the girl time.  The telling silly jokes until she loosens up from what’s always an awkward starting point.  I love showing them a shot from the back of my camera to convince them just how incredibly perfect they are while they’re usually thinking only of their flaws.  I love the whole transformation so from time to time I choose to do one just for fun so I can use up some of the ideas floating around in my mind.

For this session I brought in some helpers to try something new so we have an incredible wardrobe stylist, my always amazing styling team, and a videographer on board for Summer’s boudoir session.  I’ve never seen a boudoir film so that was something I was really interesting in trying out by way of partnering with my go-to videographers over at Jakfoto.  You can find all of these amazing artists’ information at the bottom of this post and I highly recommend each and every one of them for your varied needs, but specifically for weddings and photoshoots.

I couldn’t have asked for a better model for the day…and I say that about just about every client I photograph for boudoir.  It really is my favorite!  Summer is drop-dead gorgeous and played into each look in such a perfect way.  It sure didn’t hurt that we had an amazing wardrobe stylist on board to supply several really stunning looks, starting with an incredible, sheer, lace wedding gown that we absolutely couldn’t resist.  As a wedding AND portrait photographer, this gown was the perfect way to begin our shoot.

outdoors bridal boudoir_001
outdoors bridal boudoir_002
outdoors bridal boudoir_003
outdoors bridal boudoir_005
outdoors bridal boudoir_004

These kinds of details make my heart skip a beat.

outdoors bridal boudoir_006
outdoors bridal boudoir_007
outdoors bridal boudoir_008
outdoors bridal boudoir_009
outdoors bridal boudoir_010
outdoors bridal boudoir_011
outdoors bridal boudoir_012
outdoors bridal boudoir_013

I made this massive paper flowers myself and I’m kind of in love with them.  I so wish I would have had room to keep them!

outdoors bridal boudoir_014
outdoors bridal boudoir_015
outdoors bridal boudoir_016
outdoors bridal boudoir_017
outdoors bridal boudoir_018
outdoors bridal boudoir_019

That was the last of our beautiful wedding gown but I love these other looks just as much!  The colors we have in this next one make this girl happy.

outdoors bridal boudoir_020
outdoors bridal boudoir_021
outdoors bridal boudoir_022
outdoors bridal boudoir_023

Can you believe those eyes?  That’s all Summer.

outdoors bridal boudoir_024

 I love this next one a bunch.  Thanks to Katie, our awesome florist for this super cool floral garland!

outdoors bridal boudoir_025
outdoors bridal boudoir_026
outdoors bridal boudoir_027
outdoors bridal boudoir_028

We were all about floral crowns on this day.  How amazing are these bottoms?

outdoors bridal boudoir_029
outdoors bridal boudoir_030
outdoors bridal boudoir_031

Nothing makes me happier than this kind of amazing color.

outdoors bridal boudoir_032
outdoors bridal boudoir_033
outdoors bridal boudoir_034

How amazing is this fairy glen looking place we found?  If there weren’t any bugs, I might want to live there.  Maybe.

outdoors bridal boudoir_035
outdoors bridal boudoir_036
outdoors bridal boudoir_037
outdoors bridal boudoir_038
outdoors bridal boudoir_039
outdoors bridal boudoir_040
outdoors bridal boudoir_041

One of my favorites from the whole day.

outdoors bridal boudoir_042

outdoors bridal boudoir_043
outdoors bridal boudoir_044
outdoors bridal boudoir_045
outdoors bridal boudoir_046
outdoors bridal boudoir_047
outdoors bridal boudoir_048
outdoors bridal boudoir_049
outdoors bridal boudoir_050
outdoors bridal boudoir_051
outdoors bridal boudoir_052
outdoors bridal boudoir_053
outdoors bridal boudoir_054
outdoors bridal boudoir_055
outdoors bridal boudoir_056

I believe this next look is a vintage neglige and I love how it came out, especially paired with our floral crown.  When you get to the special film at the bottom of this post you’ll see why we had an emphasis on flowers in this shoot.  The film wraps up the whole day in a beautiful way.

outdoors bridal boudoir_057
outdoors bridal boudoir_058
outdoors bridal boudoir_063
outdoors bridal boudoir_059
outdoors bridal boudoir_060
outdoors bridal boudoir_061
outdoors bridal boudoir_062

Last but never least, Jakfoto’s INCREDIBLE boudoir film!  This is something we now offer!  Anytime you book a boudoir session with me, there’s the option to add on Jakfoto’s services to film our session and leave you with an amazing video for your loved one as well.  I’m in love.  I hope you are too!  Special thanks to Kiera for being so amazing!

Sonnet XVII | Melissa Munding Boudoir Photography from The Adventures Of /Jakfoto Films on Vimeo.

Model – Summer

Kiera of Jakfoto Films

Florist – Studio Ooh La la!

Wardrobe – Hope Stanley Bridal Stylist

Hair & Makeup – Liz Rivas from Sweeter than Honey

Wendy - November 8, 2013 - 5:02 pm

Gorgeous! Stunning photos


Jake - November 8, 2013 - 10:35 am

Great work by everyone involved. These are beautiful photos.


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