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San Diego Wedding Photographer – Chris & Mary are married!

My husband, Branden, and I were very much looking forward to Chris & Mary’s wedding.  The groom happens to be Branden’s best friend!  In fact, Chris, the groom, was the best man at our wedding so it was fitting that Branden got to be the best man today too.  Chris & Mary are such a fun, laid back couple and we’re lucky to call them both our friends.  It’s always fun watching people you care about grow into a great relationship together and being a part of their wedding was something that was so special to both of us.  I’m honored to have been their photographer but ultimately their friend.  Everyone has been waiting patiently to see a good preview form this amazing day so without further adieu, here are some of our favorites of Chris & Mary’s beautiful wedding.  We love you two and thank you so much for including us both in your special day!

A sunset ceremony lit only by candles didn’t give us much natural light but I love that we got a chance to catch a little bit of the super cool rainy sunset with the guys right before the ceremony.

It’s pretty rare for me to have to use artificial lighting for an entire wedding from the ceremony forward but the candlelit ceremony sure was pretty.

I love this one.  The candles make their first kiss something so warm and special.

Mary loves her job working her way up the ladder at Starbucks so they used their love of coffee as a little bit of it in their decor for the day.  Kinda fun!

I might be biased, he is my husband after all (the handsome fellow on the left there), but Branden really gave one of the BEST best mad speech I’ve ever heard.  Chris’ toast at our wedding was pretty special too.  We have such fond memories all around and I hope that Chris and Mary do too!

Coming up next: Super Fun Photos from the “Elder Booth!”  Chris & Mary’s photobooth was a blast!

Special thanks to my wonderful second shooter, Nancy Orozco, for her help throughout the day.

The rest of the wedding day talent:
VENUE: The Crossings at Carlsbad
FLORIST: Jennifer Cole Florals
CAKE ARTIST: VG Donuts & Bakery
GOWN BOUTIQUE: Here Comes the Bride
MUSICIAN/DJ: Michael Tiernan

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