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Heirloom Wedding Album

I’ve been meaning to blog about this bad boy for awhile!  Now that the busiest time of year is over I finally get to show off my Heirloom Wedding Album from Madera.  Last year I searched and searched for the perfect wedding album to offer my wonderful clients.  I’m pretty picky when it comes to which beautiful book will be sitting on your shelf for generations so I ruled out this company and that, and I got a little frustrated that I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted…and then I went to Vegas.  Thankfully, what happens in Vegas didn’t stay there and I came home with a fabulous new album company that is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

I’m in love.  I hope that you will be too!  These albums are stunning!  They are truly meant to last a lifetime with thick, sturdy pages, a very faint protective lustre coating (that isn’t super shiny like so many other albums out there), great cover options, imprinting and a photo inset on the cover.  The leather covers are buttery and rich (as any good leather should be) and the color & texture choices are excellent.  I even have a few non-leather options for anyone who is looking for a vegan alternative.  If you haven’t seen these yet and are interested in purchasing one for your wedding just give me a call!

One of the coolest things about this album is that ever single one comes with a perfectly fitted box for safe-keeping.  You only get married once so this guy is bound to be around for quite some time!  Let’s keep it safe!

A few more views…

I know you want to see a bit of the inside of these albums so here are a few of my favorite album spreads for this particular album.  Super clean design is what I’m all about.  It really lets your photos tell the story perfectly.  There’s no need to add all kinds of extra stuff in there…less is more.

One more little note about this album…  That line in the center is called a “gutter.”  This album has the absolute smallest gutter I have ever seen in an album.  Ever.  They’re known for it.  This really allows for seamless viewing without large gaps in between your pages.  It’s just one more reason why I chose this book just for you.

Since these albums are relatively new to my product list, anyone who has an outstanding album with their wedding package has the option to upgrade from the portrait album.  I highly recommend it.  Have any questions?  I’d love to answer them for you!



Thomas Biard - January 26, 2012 - 7:00 am

That looks incredible! I love the near-seamless gutter. Also, the fact that its already pre-made for us is quite alluring :)


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