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2011 Limelight – Weddings

Welcome to the new digs!  I’ve been working hard to incorporate my website and blog all into one great site lately.  There are still a couple of little kinks to work out but it’s all fine-tuning from here on out.  Thanks for being patient with me for being a horrible blogger in the meantime!  I’m here to make it up to ya!

Holy cow!  It’s the second week of January already!  How does that happen?  HOW?

We really hit the ground running this year.  I’ve barely had time to look back and reminisce about all the wonderful things that I got to be a part of last year.  It wouldn’t be the new year without a photographic look back though, so better late than never I suppose.

2011 was busy and amazing and I was blessed to work with some really incredible people…many of whom, I can now call my friends.  I love it when that happens!  We just wrapped up a really great year and I have this little feeling that 2011’s got nothin’ on 2012.  I’m crazy excited for all that lies ahead this year!  What are YOU excited about for 2012?  While you think about that…

Here’s a little look back at my beautiful 2011 couples.

Jeff & Jamie

Chuck & Emily

Susan & Thomas

Michelle & Phillip

Mike & Rosio

Lindsey & Drew

Ian & Diana

Natalie & Casey

Jenn & Dustin

John & Kendell

Keri & John

Jamie & Mark

Michelle & Michael

Czarina & Bradley

Christi & Jeff

Alex & Anna

I hope you all are enjoying this new year too!  You’ll be seeing lots more up on the blog soon!  Stay tuned for more highlights from 2011 as well as some lovely new faces for 2012!

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