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365 Days of Winter

Today marks my very first anniversary of my marriage to my best friend in the whole wide world.  I find myself saying this so often but I really just can’t believe how fast time flies!  In the 365 days since I said I do I have had the best year with Branden yet.  I’d love to sit here and pour out my heart and tell you all the deep thoughts I have about our first year in marriage…to tell you what I’ve learned through our struggles as newlyweds…but the truth is that being married to Branden is the easiest, most natural thing in the world for me.  I feel more at home, more complete, more ME than I ever have in my life.  Our relationship was pushed to the limit and tested from the very beginning with some majorly traumatic events and it has been such a blessing to finally have some peace in our lives and that I owe to him.

There are so many things I love about being married!  We both take pride and joy in the little things and I think that really makes our home together a happy place.  I believe in love.  Our love is REAL.  I believe in marriage and I’m so happy to be exactly where I am, building a life with my husband.  Here are just a few thoughts I’ve been having lately about our first year as husband and wife.

I love sitting in bed at night, side-by-side not unlike Mr. & Mrs. Brady, reading books in the quiet, dim light of our bedroom.  It surely will sound boring to some but for me it’s heavenly.

I love that we still miss each other after a long day working, apart.

I love lazy mornings with homemade breakfasts and a nap and cuddles to follow.

I love that I married a cuddler!

I love that he doesn’t get mad when I forget that I have a new last name : /  (I use my maiden name for my business so it’s hard walking the line between two different names!)

I love that as I’m typing this my husband is in the background singing “I’m so pretty!  Oh so pretty!”  just because he knows it will make me laugh.

I love that Branden makes me laugh every single day…even when I really don’t want to.

I love the perfect balance that exists when we cook meals together in our tiny kitchen.

I love that we are truly and perfectly equal.  We’re a great team.

I love the wonderful home we’ve created from our little one bedroom apartment.  He’s here and I’m here and that alone makes it home.

I love that he thinks I’m beautiful when I roll out of bed in a plain cotton t-shirt.

I love his crazy morning hair when he laughs out loud watching his cartoons with breakfast.

I love that he’s a big kid and at the same time a mature, secure man.

I love that he’s comfortable letting me “wear the pants” without feeling threatened in the least.

I love getting to the movies early so we can sit and people-watch together.

I love that he’s just as much of a movie/food/beer/wine/sushi snob as I am.

I love his lust for life and how he doesn’t want to waste one single day of it.

I love that he keeps our fridge fully stocked with Diet Coke just for me.

I love that he’s going to be such an amazing daddy one day.

I love hearing him talk about his day with such excitement when he comes home from work.

I love how amazing he is at his job (working with individuals with Autism) which so few people have the patience for.

I love that we never fight.  Not once in almost five years.

I love the way we communicate.  We fully believe there’s no need to fight when you communicate properly and respectfully.

I love him so much sometimes I wish I could just breathe him in and walk around as one all day long.

I love having a partner, a friend, a confidant and so much more every single day.

I love that he picks up the slack when I can’t…and I love being able to do the same when it’s my turn.

I love having dinner ready for him when he comes home from work.  I never thought I’d be saying that about anyone but I really do love doing my part, my contribution to make our family run smoothly.

I love that I never ever have to do the dishes when I cook.  And I’ve never had to ask…not once.  And he takes out the trash and does the laundry all while smiling and being happy to do it.

I love that he’s happy to support me and help to document the love of other couples!

I love how this quiet guy never stops talking when we’re alone together.

I love how he makes me the outgoing one when I’ve always been shy, a wallflower.

I could go on for days and days but I’ll stop here and just wrap it up.  It’s been an amazing year as Mrs. Winter!  (Okay, okay, Mrs. Munding-Winter if you want to get all technical.  Yeah, I’m that girl.  For business purposes only though!).  I look forward to many more.  There’s no one else I’d rather face life’s challenges and celebrations with than my husband.  And because I’m the sentimental sort, here are some of our wedding photos!  I still love them dearly and it brings me to happy tears looking through them.  Our wedding day was perfect.  We had the best time ever!

We wrote letters to exchange for our first look.  We plan on writing letters to each other for every anniversary to follow.  Love letters are highly underrated!

This is my motto!  Love is real. It really really is.

The little tree we planted as part of our ceremony is still growing strong in the side yard of my in-laws’ house!  Our roots run deep and I really think we grow more entwined and stronger every year.

Brain hug!  I make my own couples do this all the time…Branden coined the term that makes everyone giggle!

Here’s to many more years with my adorable, adoring husband!

Nancy - August 28, 2011 - 10:02 pm

Awe shucks, you made me tear up. Never saw your wedding photos, thanks for sharing. I agree, love letters are the best… I have a treasure chest full of them. 😉 Cheers to you two love birds! xo


Amber - August 15, 2011 - 2:24 am

This was a beautiful post Melissa, Happy anniversary!!


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