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Jenn & Dustin are engaged!

“Love is…finding somebody you can be yourself with.”

Jenn and Dustin absolutely epitomize their definition of love.  They just enjoy each other’s company.  They are both so easy-going and natural together that you can easily see that they fit together perfectly.  When they’re together they’re enjoying life to its fullest through traveling, cooking, watching sports and of course, through music.  Jenn & Dustin met at a Brad Paisley concert about two years ago and they’ve been pretty inseparable ever since.  Since they both love country music and it even played a big part in their meeting, we decided that the perfect location for their engagement session was the Star Ranch.  They pulled out their boots, fought off the gnats like a couple of champs and looked amazing in the process.  I think they look pretty at-home at the ranch despite the heat and the bugs…both of which were in abundance, let me tell you.  Since they look this good surrounded by bugs in 100 degrees, I can’t wait to see how amazing they look at their wedding this fall!

This is Bailey, Jenn & Dustin’s baby.  The shoot wouldn’t have been complete without her and she loved exploring the ranch with us!

Jenn has the best hair ever.  I’m a little jealous.  It’s amazing.  She’s going to make one seriously gorgeous bride.

I love this one.  The wind picked up and blew all that amazing hair everywhere.

These next two I absolutely love.  And let’s just not talk about how many gnats I had to edit out of the photos :/  It was worth it!

A little outfit change.

I think this is my favorite from the day.  I overlooked it the first time I went through these photos and I seriously don’t know how I missed it.  LOVE.

Headed to the saloon for a few fun lighting pictures.  Jenn & Dustin love to go out for a drink with friends so this was fitting.s

Thanks for a fun afternoon you two!  I really can’t wait to shoot your wedding!

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[…] Check out these gorgeous engagement photos by the super talented Melissa Munding! Jenn and Dustin are such a great couple… you can tell right away how perfect they are for each other! And these engagement photos definitely capture that love! Be sure to visit Melissa’s blog too to check out more beautiful engagement photos of Jenn & Dustin! […]


Teresa - July 14, 2011 - 5:08 pm

Aww, I sooo LOVE this! Is this the Ranch that's by your house you were telling me about? It's lovely!


Nancy - July 12, 2011 - 5:28 pm

Love the indoor ones, really unique… you've got this lighting thing down.


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