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Waiting for Jaydin. Corona del Mar Portrait Photographer

For a native Southern Californian, I spend almost no time at all at the beach.  It’s absurd.  It’s a shame.  It’s time to change this fact.  Thankfully, on Sunday I finally had an opportunity to shoot at the beach for the first time and I’m so in love!  A part of me had forgotten how incredibly beautiful our beaches are, especially when paired with the most amazingly temperate weather, blue skies and gorgeous sunsets…all of which we were blessed with for this shoot.  I just fell in love with the beach all over again.  Just in time for Spring!

I also just fell in love with this couple.  I had never met Michelle before our shoot but I already felt as though I knew her because she works with my mom.  Michelle and Eric are the most adorable couple and are expecting their first child any time now.  I’m so glad they called for  a last minute maternity shoot, I absolutely LOVE pre-baby portraits.  Especially when my subjects are as beautiful as these two.  The incredible light didn’t hurt either!  Michelle, Eric, I hope you love these as much as I do.  Thanks for inviting me down to Corona del Mar on such an amazing day!  I can’t wait to meet your little Jaydin!

On to the photos.  There are quite a few today, I had such a variety of interesting ones that I just couldn’t narrow it down any further…you understand.  I love having that “problem”…it means we were super successful.

Is Michelle beautiful or what!  I love the golden afternoon light.  Other than a little sharpening, this is pretty much straight out of the camera.  I’m pretty proud of that.

Lens flare all day long.  Be still my beating heart.

I try not to force people to look directly into the sun, but it was SO worth it for this shot.  You two look seriously amazing.

I love the way they looked at each other.

Gorgeous day, no?

And we end with a lovely kiss during this lovely sunset.  I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.  My mom calls these days “postcard days,” and with these pictures we can see why.

I had so much fun exploring Coronal del Mar for the first time as an adult while making these pictures.  I wish Michelle and Eric nothing but health and happiness for their baby girl.  I’m hoping she will be in front of my camera next!

Kayte - February 17, 2010 - 11:45 am

Great job Melissa. Your eye for catching the true joy in people always leaves a smile on my face :). I love the little rainbow in the bottom of the 2nd picture!


Roxanne - February 16, 2010 - 8:02 pm

I love the pictures Melissa! They are postcard pictures. The last one is awesom!


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